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This collaborative research project called Breaking The Mould explores possible innovations in traditional glass blowing techniques.
The pieces are the result of a residency supported by Salviati, a Murano based manufacturer of blown glass, established in 1859. The research is grounded on the same tools, furnace, soda-lime glass and craftsmen which Salviati employs in the production of its commercial collections. The outcomes are fourteen vessels achieved by varying one only element in the making process – the mould. Materials such as ceramic wool, ceramic ribbon, ceramic tissue and carbon fibre were introduced in the mould to shape the glass and its textures.

BTM 01/The Mould was designed, developed and realised by AUT, Chiara Onida and Anna Perugini (designers); Marco Zito (architect); Dario Stellon (glass expert); Tommaso Cavallin (scientific support); Kinonauts (audiovisual). All pieces have been made in Murano by Salviati, a leading art glass manufacturer.