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marea collage
2020 ongoing

Marea Collage is an on-going project, coming from a close observation of the Adriatic shore in Fano, Italy.
It is a collection of mirrors, candle holders and serving-plates assembled from fragments of semi-finished stone found on the beach and designed together with nature.
During winter, when the kitsch Riviera is emptied, another type of human disturbance uncovers. Debris of semi-finished materials -slabs of granite, marble and terrazzo- emerge on the abandoned shore returned by the tide and rinsed from the cyclic chaos of summer.
Anna Tsing suggests the Art of Noticing as a way to observe the details and entanglements of the world, to open up to new human and non-human alliances and possibilities. Noticing the remains of granite-slabs on the Adriatic shore implies acknowledging the multiple trajectories and temporalities coming together in the materiality of the rock.
These debris are fragments of mountains. The passing of time shows in the crystalline texture, and the weaved minerals manifest in the multiple colours. The imprint of the sea shows through the beautifully eroded edges. How long have these residues been adrift? Where are they coming from? Were they thrown overboard by the hands that extracted them? The mark of human labour is readable on the constant thickness of the slabs. The effort to excavate the granite and to make it into blocks, the damaged ecosystems, the polluted rivers and the irreversible loss cannot be ignored.
The debris are no longer waste but possibilities to design together with nature, to continue with the labour stream that brought the remains on the Adriatic shore. The granite fragments, shaped collaboratively by nature, then by humans, then by nature again, become traces to be discovered, collected and carefully cleaned and assembled into collages. The rests are reshaped, once again,  through capable artisan hands and mixed with other matter keeping together the human and natural flux shaping the world.

pictures by @matildestolfa