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q.b. ichendorf

Italian cuisine is known for its simple recipes consisting of spontaneous yet precise gestures and measures. In that sense, it can be argued that the act of cooking is expressed through its own language, made up of pinches, sprinkles and splashes, which is passed on within families from one generation to another.
in Italian quanto basta (as much as suffices), is designed to be a material manifestation that conveys this language, its cultural connotations and the stories of a territory.  
Each ampoule is handblown in borosilicate glass. The cap, designed as a dispenser, contains a spoonful of oil or a teaspoon of vinegar.
When the dispenser is inside the ampoule, simply place the index finger on the hole to create a vacuum that traps the liquid.
To release it, just lift the finger and the liquid will flow allowing the user to season the dishes with the ideal amount of condiment.

photo Francesco Simoncini